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Well-established Dry-Cleaning business located in a high traffic shopping center on the busiest
street in the city. This is an opportunity to own a dry cleaner storefront as well as a 2nd drop off
plant location in the next city over. 5 employees total, including the owner who runs the store
on an active basis.

With 18+ years of successful operating experience and an excellent reputation in the industry,
this dual location business provides a buyer with an immediate revenue stream, consistently
producing annual revenue of $300,000+. The current owner (with 40 years of personal industry
experience), is looking to finally retire, allowing a buyer to take over this turnkey business that
has all the staff and loyal customer base to be successful from day one.

Located in an upscale and very busy shopping center with high foot/vehicular traffic.
The owner is utilizing minimal marketing or advertising at this time and operates mainly based
on customer relationships and word of mouth. Over the years, this dry-cleaning business has
built a loyal customer base. These repeat customers provide a stable source of revenue and can be further expanded with effective marketing and customer service.
The facility has been well-maintained, recently remodeled, and lots of brand-new equipment put into the operation. With fresh paint, new flooring, change of equipment layout (to provide more open concept and room to operate), this Business is the upper scale dry-cleaners the competitors would want to mimic.

The seller has agreed to train an incoming buyer for a mutually agreed upon time frame in order to ensure the successful transition of business operations and relationships.

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Very Profitable Medical Weight Loss Business Turnkey Ready

After a successful 14 years of practice, the Owner of this highly reputable medical weight loss facility
is ready to scale back and pass the baton. This is truly a “Turn-Key” opportunity. This facility is staffed
with highly trained professional Medical Assistants that manage the clientele, and work with the
medical professionals to create an atmosphere that allows the patients to feel secure in the
knowledge that they are being guided through their weight loss objectives safely and with the right
medical oversight.

With what we are learning more and more these days about what is being put in the foods we eat,
and the unhealthy habits many Americans have around their food choices, the need for safe and
effective options on managing healthy bodies is at an all-time high. This Business has a proven
program managed by a Nurse Practitioner and under a Medical Directors License.

The facility comes fully equipped with exam rooms, exam tables, medical equipment, “one way in &
one way out” entrance & exits for patient privacy/confidentiality, PPE and lots more.

With an average 65% profit margin the Business has strong profitability. There are several avenues for
growth, depending on the tenacity of the Buyer, and where they want to see this Business go. If you
have a passion for helping others, and enjoy the stability of the medical field, then this may be the
right fit for you.



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Popular Destination Event Venue w/ Transferable Bookings & Deposits Through 2024

Here is an exceptional opportunity to purchase and run a business out of one of California’s Historical venues. Whether it be a concert, wedding, quinceanera or business event, this business can handle it all. This opportunity includes all of the equipment needed for these events. The seller has invested heavily in high-end sound equipment, lighting, displays, stationary and mobile bar, tables, linens, chairs and much more, valued at $500,000. Additionally, the business comes with a liquor license and attached catering license valued close to $185,000 with that value only set to increase with changing requirements for new licenses by the end of 2023.

Buyer will receive all deposits from bookings through the end of 2023 and several already booked in 2024. This venue frequently has well-known celebrities booked for shows and concerts and this will allow you to interact with Hollywood Elites. This venue is located in the heart of one of California’s top tourist destinations. With the seller’s attention to detail and focus on maintaining top tier elegance to his facility, this is usually the first thought for upper scale locations in this area. There are several different revenue streams that the seller has elected not to implement that the buyer could easily take advantage of.

A buyer will have the ability to capitalize on more bookings that the seller has intentionally elected not to pursue due to other career obligations. The theater is presently kept at a 40% booking capacity. The theater would be booked up to 70% capacity if he did not elect to decline reservations from interested shows/events. With minimal marketing, the buyer could focus on increasing the remaining unfulfilled available dates.

The well-renowned theater, community driven, just had its 100 year anniversary. The buyer can carry on traditions and a legacy for years to come.

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Very Profitable B2B Service based Business Coaching & Consulting Business Reloca

After two highly successful decades, the Owner of a phenomenal Business Coaching & Consulting Company is retiring and ready to hand off this exceptional opportunity.

A comprehensive “Plug-N-Play” coaching model and interactive online program allows you to work as much or as little as you want: full-time, part-time…or develop your own subscription model to put the
Business on ‘Auto-Pilot’.

The reputation and branding of this company provides excellent exposure to new clientele, without the need for expensive and time-consuming marketing campaigns.

Included in this sale is a complete portfolio of prospecting, onboarding and Coaching tools with over a year’s worth of ready-to-present client sessions, seminars and webinars.

With little to no overhead working from home or remotely, the current Business model creates revenues of over $350K/yr yielding a profit margin of 97%, while working just 10-12 hours per week.



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This excellent automotive repair facility in Ridgecrest, CA is the perfect opportunity for the right buyer to take advantage of a business where the groundwork for success has already been built over many years.

The business has been operating since with the current owners for over 30 years and has experienced consistent sales for many years of $1,500,000 in sales and cash flow typically over $350,000, this business will serve as an excellent investment for the right acquirer.

The business is available for $875,000, and the real estate with 3 parcels can be purchased for an additional $525,000, which will likely be seen by an SBA lender very positively.

Staffed with a Master Tech and 2 other techs not including the owner, this is a great opportunity to capitalize on the success and reputation of the business up to this point. Contact us now for more info!

Ridgecrest is the town closest to Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake, a large military installation in California that supports the research, testing and evaluation programs of the United States Navy with an annual budget in excess of $1B. The community acts as the shopping and business center for northeastern Kern County and provides shopping and many others services for over 40,000 people throughout the Indian Wells Valley and for the surrounding areas. Along with Southern Sierra Regional Hospital, Ridgecrest is the shopping, entertainment and medical hub for the region.

This repair center is a tremendous opportunity for a buyer that already owns an existing garage and wants to add another, or a skilled mechanic that has always wanted to have the dream of business ownership.

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This Northern California turn-key Kitchen & Bath remodeling contractor has cemen

This Northern California turn-key Kitchen & Bath remodeling contractor has cemented itself as the go-to remodeling service provider in the Central Valley area. With over 30 years in the industry, this business has built an excellent reputation in the industry and community and provides a prospective buyer with a great opportunity to capitalize on the current owner’s investment and success up to this point. This remodeling company has taken great pride in building a beautiful on site show room in a prime traffic location. The business has a full staff of support, allowing the new owner to step into an operation with existing infrastructure, to support a seamless transition.

This Kitchen & Bath installer, currently utilizes minimal marketing, so there is a large potential for growth with the implementation of an effective advertising campaign and an enhanced internet presence. For 2021, the business produced nearly $3,000,000 in sales with exceptional cash flow margins. The business is also has projects booked out over 8 months, with 31 jobs under contract that have yet to start.

This turn-key operation offers a loyal customer base and everything in place to ensure a fluid transition to new ownership without disruption. The current ownership has expressed a willingness to provide training for a mutually agreed time period in order to ensure a seamless transfer of ownership.

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High Profit Margin 33 Year Central Valley HVAC Business Turn-Key

This is an unparalleled opportunity to own a thriving, SBA pre-qualified, commercial refrigeration and HVAC service company located in the Central Valley. Prominent features include brand stability, 55% growth in profit margin, and profitability during the pandemic. This business specializes in commercial refrigeration as well as commercial and noncommercial HVAC preventive maintenance, repair, and replacement services. Characteristics of these provisions include but are not limited to the following: walk in coolers, walk in freezers, chillers, central heat and air conditioning systems, heat pumps, ductless mini split systems, zone systems, wall units, floor furnaces, swamp coolers, wine cellars, and wine coolers.

The volume of relationships as well as commercial and noncommercial customers accumulated through years of experience contribute to the quality of service this business provides. With an excellent team of employees, this acquisition offers a tremendous opportunity for a buyer to step into a growing company.

The owner is willing to negotiate a transitional training period. All of these advantages provide an opportunity for a fluid transition to new ownership without disruption. This is a turn-key opportunity that is positioned for continued success.

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Patio and Remodeling Contractor

This patio and remodeling contractor provides dynamic and custom solutions for its clients throughout Northern California. To drive additional growth, the business has also recently expanded into bathroom remodels and renovation. Known for providing the highest quality product offerings and service, this business has garnered a loyal following of customers as shown by the overwhelmingly positive reputation it has built in the industry.

With nearly $7,000,000 in sales and excellent cash flow margins, this business has experienced significant growth recently and is expecting the high performance to continue for 2022 and beyond. This business makes for a great investment opportunity in an industry that is expected to see significant future growth.

This turnkey business offers a well-trained staff and a loyal customer base, providing an opportunity for a fluid transition to new ownership without disruption. The business has an extensive operating history, and the owner has expressed a willingness to help a prospective buyer with supplier and customer relationship management for a mutually agreed upon period of time.

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Cannabis Manufacturing

This a tremendous opportunity for someone looking to step in to an existing, operating business. Currently partnered
with multiple companies and dispensaries. A new owner would be handling the day to day operations and managing the three
employees that are all transitioning with the business. Manufacturing Type 6 License is already in place and they are
working on getting their Type 7, which is almost complete. Comes with all the equipment needed to successfully
operate the business. This property is also zoned for distribution, giving a new owner plenty of room for growth and

Fully ADA compliant.
Power- 800amp 3 phase.
Ceiling Height- 30ft.


All interested parties will need to
sign the NDA and submit proof of funds(bank statement).

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Quality business with huge growth potential

Prosperous electrical contractor business poised for great growth

An innovative, forward thinking electrical contractor business with over 20 years of consistent, profitable success. Situated in a prime Southern CA locale, this business is closely partnered with many large general contractors to perform work for a plethora of large national brands such as Target, Sephora, and Apple just to name a few. Although located in California the quality of work they perform along with established relationships leads this firm to complete work throughout the western United States, as well as Texas and Louisiana. This fully staffed business is an excellent opportunity for a knowledgeable buyer to hit the ground running generating positive net revenue from day 1 in an industry and location primed for tremendous growth over the next decade. For the savvy buyer there is also the potential for this to become an absentee run business through the appointment or hiring of an operations manger. This opportunity also includes over $100k in parts and $350k in equipment. Contact us today for additional info to learn more about the potential of this amazing opportunity.

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